Mansur Gavriel Surplus

So you may have heard Mansur Gavriel relaunched their web store today after much hype and anticipation. Seriously, look at all those comments on their Instagram page that have been brewing ever since they announced their 12/09/14 relaunch and restock of what are arguably the most difficult to get—while still being mildly affordable—bag of the year. It's kind of insane, no? The intensity of the want is palpable. Was I going to participate in this? I didn't know. After all,  I haven't really wanted anything with any sort of intensity other than this lately. Does that mean I should indulge in it? Call it a birthday/Christmas gift from me to me? Meh. I know I've been pretty pleased with my one bag, but I was starting to get the hankering for another mini one in that beautiful butterscotch brown after seeing how pretty it can be in an all monochrome environment. I've used my mini black bag almost every day for months and I really think I misjudged how perfectly minimal and designed these little bags truly are. You may recall I was extremely on the fence for this bag almost a year ago. But now, after seeing them in the flesh and traveling with one so much, I know this particular bag's ability to elevate even the most menial outfit and I believe that is a real testament to their great craftsmanship and design. So! After careful coordination with my favorite chacoco Julia, my #1 co-conspirator in all fashion things, we managed to walk away with a couple of bags from today's launch. I figure if I divide the amount of times I know I'll wear this bag by the price the outcome is actually less than some other regrettable Zara venture of the past. So, between the two of us we are the owners of the following:
1. mini cammello/rosa, 2. regular black/ballerina, 3. mini cammello/oro, 4. mini black/royal

We won't be keeping them all, and it turns out in the frenzy of trying to have options to choose from (everyone does this!) we whisked right by pop up window during our checkout that said "Final Sale." Yikes. Did we just really do that? Blame the crazy hoarder mentality or that weird "Can't stop, keep going, no time to edit!" adrenaline rush that occurs when you know you're getting away with something kind of rare. We're hoping one or two of you fine ladies (or gentlemen!) would be interested in taking them off our hands. We'll keep you all posted. Until then, tell me, did you walk away with one (or two!) today?


  1. I am in love with that bag, primarily because you make it look so damn good! I'm definitely interested in getting one myself, so keep me posted if you decide to sell one.


  2. Ooooh....very tempted by the mini black/royal. If you end up selling, I might be interested! :)