About An Hour : April 20

A brand new hour of music and moodboard to match. What else do you want on a Monday morning?

If you're looking for previous playlists, they're all archived in my second playlist on Spotify here.


COS top
COS skirt
ZARA flats

Every Single Day Jewelry

These tiny little investments have been on my person so many times throughout the years that they have been well worth the upfront investment. I can't say enough good things about each of these designers, especially since I've blogged and worn all of these pieces hundreds of times already. The only thing left to say is truly go out in the real world and touch and feel them. You'll truly know what I'm talking about then!

 I guess another thing I can say here is that I definitely am looking forward to expanding my little collection with some little pieces from WWAKE,  Jess Hannah, and Finn. Other recommendations welcome!

Spongebob Squarepants Proportions Are A-Ok With Me

 There's nothing here to muse about here other than the topic of boxy outfits. The super flowy and tenty kind on the top half of your body, where your stomach partially your hips are completely shrouded in a top that any coworker could cheerfully say, "You can be 8-month's pregnant int that outfit!" (True story, real "compliment"). Misguided compliments aside, I'm a big fan of Spongebob Squarepants proportions because I feel like it's selective sexiness, or picking your battles: I choose to show off my legs (which I hardly ever do), and therefore choose to hide everything else behind a cloud of cloth mystery. 

COS skirt and top
MADEWELL quilted jacket
ZARA flats