The Céline Effect / Little Hands

Gesutural hands as accessories and brooches are a pretty little creepy thing I like to add to jacket lapels or cardigan seams. I like the sinister undertone of this Duoh pin, and the idea having what looks like a doll's hand on a collar rather than the usual anonymous bling. Who can we blame for this? Probably Céline. Always blame Céline (see below). So I guess you can spend $520 below and get the Phresh out the Runway ceramic Céline pin, or you can interpret this eery trend your own way with a brass one from Duoh, or a cheekier version by Casa Malaspina. I already own all of the avaialbale hands in both parties, and I have to say the effect of the hands group love is nothing less than charming.

Tomboy Pink

Just because I enjoy an all-black outfit doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy wearing dusty pink with incredible delight. I think the all-black outfits are great practice for when I do happen to wear a pastel color because the darkly monochrome outfits keep my editing eye skewed towards the edgy, keeping the few times I wear color from getting overly girlish. No fuss lazy girl hair also helps tone down the twee, I guess.

J. CREW pink cardigan (size small, from an old sale)
MANSUR GAVRIEL mini bucket bag
YANG LI skirt (size 40)
DUOH pin
CELINE aviators

Barely Even There

I'm looking at some pretty dresses for upcoming weddings (my own included!) and I'm gravitating more and more towards dresses that are basically beautiful swaths of blush and white minimalist flowing fabric held together by the tiniest strap. Not a fat strap that remind me of the highlights Kelly Clarkson circa when she won American Idol, but more the the kind of thing strap that is too fancy to be called "spaghetti." It deserves a better name if we're calling it a pasta, like Angel Hair, which implies heavenly clouds and naked babies with wings. But they are sexy, too — so no babies! These straps give you a little bit of a rush of anxiety in the way you ponder if the tensile strength of such a beautiful and dainty fabric strap could even hold up to the stresses of being a strap.