A New Way

I've been a long time fan of Tictail as my favorite platform to sell my designer clothes, shoes, and accessories. I've been using them for over a year now to help clean out my closet, but it turns out there's a lot of other people selling designer items and even quality custom pieces that I've completely been missing out on, too. Shops like The LXLS stand out in particular because of its highly curated inventory. They seem to carry everything I love to wear: lots of different monochrome textures, minimal tailored pieces by Ann Demuelemeester, Alexander Wang, and even their own impressive in-house line. This recent discovery is really key to my shopping habits because I think fashion can get too spendy, with each new season encouraging everyone to buy fast and move on to new trends quickly. It all amounts to a closet full of clothes that don't fully speak to my personal style, and to make it worse, those pieces are usually crafted from cheap materials and often poorly constructed.

So my new approach this past year has been to put a hold on impulse spending, and research some new ways to find my closet staples. My goal is to search unexpected sites like The LXLS or other resale sites for something specific, like a black sleeveless shift dress, armed with an open mind, the flexibility to tailor a piece down to my size, and the discipline to stick to what works truly works for my body and overall style.

LXLS coat (c/o Tictail), ZARA dress, MANSUR GAVRIEL mini bucket bag, EVERLANE loafers

Sick Sick Sick Days

I've been sick for the past four days with what feels like The Most Epic Cold/Flu I've ever had. I basically walk around my house every now and then after the umpteenth nap of the day and push shit around my house in an effort to feel useful, basically the equivalent of what I do with each bland-tasting meal I have twice a day. So enjoy this photo I snapped of my bag last week, when my brain functioned long enough to attach a faux fox tail to my Mansur Gavriel mini bucket bag. 

 I think it's kind of cute. Like those Fendi fur animals, but you know, a thousand times cheaper and more animal friendly. 


I think this jacket has always been pretty bad ass, now in a tan shearling combination it's even better. Too bad the price tag is absolutely outrageous.