#tbt: Giamba and the Importance of Nice Dress Socks

Nice unexpected sheer dotted socks, no? This look is my winter muse. I love the minimal playfulness.


Cropped pants in a field where (wait for it) crops are grown. Mind blowing. Alas I am not that clever, for I just realized the confluence of both crops now as I type this. This outfit is fast becoming one of my new favorites because I realize that cropped pants are most flattering to my 5'3" frame. I wore this on a weekend trip up north towards Sacramento. There was a lovely fog over the everything and getting out of the car to pout by the side of the road proved too tempting to pass up.

MANSUR GAVRIEL mini bucket bag 
EVERLANE loafers (run very narrow, size up 1/2 up)

About An Hour : Playlist

Hey! This looks an awful lot like a new post series. (It is!) Here are the rules: each playlist will be just under an hour of your life — hence the name — and the mix of songs will give you insight into what's in my brain lately. These are the songs looping in my head forever, at work, on my way to work, working out, etc. In short, these are my jams. Play along. Or don't. It's your life.