Yesterday was a big happy day for me and now I'm off to celebrate for a while. I'm also working on a new blog design, which is super exciting, but consuming the free time I would otherwise use for making collages, mood boards, and blog posts. 

In short, BRB.


  1. I don't know you (other than "knowing" by reading your blog), but CONGRATULATIONS! I just clicked through to your instagram. I love your peonies in the bouquet, and I smiled at the picture of your husband's shoes, because my little sister got married this past weekend, and I bought my boyfriend (and typical non-suit-wearer) a very similar pair of black Tricker's brogues for the big day.

    Anyway you are a gorgeous bride, thanks for all the excellent posts, and have a great trip.

    1. This is the sweetest comment, Genevieve, thank you.
      It's a happy time!


  2. Por fin te casastes! Ya era hora. I feel like I've been following this long journey from when you got engaged to finally getting married. At one point I thought you were never getting married because you've been engaged for a long time and were constantly busy that the thought of planning a wedding was too time consuming. Congratulations Olga te deseo lo mejor a ti y a Nick.

  3. Congratulations! Both of you look SO HAPPY and just GLOWING in the pictures!

    And your dress, flowers, everything looked perfect. So gorgeous and understated and perfectly suited to your style. Love seeing people wear something that is truly "them" for their wedding that they look beautiful and comfortable in.

  4. I got married at city hall too! It's a beautiful place and I loved that our small ceremony was just about us. You both look great and very happy. Congrats!