Acne for Easter, Poolside

Acne pencil skirt, net-a-porter, scalloped Chloe shoes courtesy of ShoeMint,, Karen Walker Number One Milky Brown Sunglasses, Zara peter pan top,, Eddie Borgo spike stud earrings, net-a-porter, Anthropologie sweater,

It was picturesque in Dixon, California yesterday. It was Easter Sunday, and we drove from the Bay Area to the quiet town where Nick grew up for an afternoon with his family. Little did I expect that his grandma's adorable garden would end up to be the absolute best compliment for my Acne ginger jacquard pencil skirt. The color of the pool was a somber blue with flecks of leaves and petals floating in it. Needless to say we got a little carried away with pictures, so don't judge me if I break up this Easter post into a couple posts. Because it's happening!

Photos by Nick Smith


  1. when i saw those shoes on shoemint, i was like, 'meh.' but seeing them on you, i'm like 'omg love.' i don't know if it's just how you styled them, or if it's just they way you do your thang, girl, but they definitely look way cuter here and now i want them OF COURSE.

  2. kat, they would look good on YOUR FEET, too, gurl.
    trust me. :)

  3. the color and texture of the skirt, the peter pan collar, the jacket and the shoes, oh my, it is very dreamy, almost looks like grace coddington edit!
    Absolutely love!!!
    Looking forward to other posts:)

  4. You are a lovely girl, but your blog was far more relevant when you weren't the only "model".

    1. Sorry to hear that. Don't know what the "model" part of your comment means — I"ve been the only "model" on my blog — but thank you for reading anyway.

      Have a great New Year :)