Girl Power Suit

Photos by Nick Smith

Did you see the Spice Girls perform last night at the London Olypmic Closing Ceremony?! I sure did. It was the minute or so of performances that I was looking forward to, and honestly, the only reason I tuned into the three hour international love fest. They took the stage and I was giddy. I suddenly was filled with the childhood exuberance for all things Spice Girls, girl power, and pink. Looking back at my teeny bopper girl group love for them reminded me of their catchy songs about love and positivity and I got irritatingly nostalgic for the days when the most important thing to do was go to the supermarket with to find out if their newest batch of Bazooka bubble gums have the latest Spice World temporary tattoos. Those were definitely simpler times. The way I see it, this J. Crew bubble gum pink suit is my homage to those girly days gone by, where me talking about why Posh was so cool and why Baby Spice was such the obvious favorite is all I did for an entire summer. While I still subscribe to the screaming "Girl power!" anthem, these days I let my clothes do all the talking on that front.

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  1. I totally waited for the Spice Girls. It was the moment I was waiting for. It brought back so many memories that made me smile! =) They all look so great now too!
    Cute look...I love the sophisticated vibe

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  2. The pink color of your herringbone suit is perfection. And mixed with the tortoise shades adds such a chic touch. Unfortunately I missed the Spice Girls- I was at Outside Lands in SF watching Stevie Wonder!


  3. I NEED this suit. Link is broken, and I don't see it on the J. Crew website. Halp!

    1. Hi Nancy!
      The pants are the ones pictured in the widget - The Cafe Capri pants in Herringbone.
      The color is Romance Pink.

      Email to pre-order the Schoolboy Blazer (item #94975 ) in Romance Pink with a personal stylist. The colors match up, trust me.

      Let me know if that helps!