Itty Bitty Diamond Rings

Itty bitty tiny diamonds on delicate, dainty little bands. What's not to love?I was given a handful of these kinds of rings from my mom who had them made when she was growing up in Mexico, and I have to say they are some of my most precious and favorite possessions. They are so tiny, they embody what my mom is to me: dainty, feminine, timeless. In a world of over-accessorizing, it's nice to know that a personal style note of mine can be understated rings like these. 

Looking to buy some? Jennifer Meyer gets it. She has affordable options (starting at $175), and you can buy them in a variety of stones and metals. Shop them below!


  1. Aww they're so cute!! I'm definitely going to shop :)


  2. Looks immensely stylish and elegant.I really like this small diamond rings.
    Thanks for sharing such brilliant designs with us!!

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