Happy Glasses Indeed

MANDALYNN swim top (M),  HAPPY GLASSES sunglasses (c/o Tictail), J. CREW hat, ZINKE bottoms (S)

See? I told you I'd work a post in there every now and then. Now that fashion week is over and we're all pretty saturated and well-versed in the same photos of the same events from New York, we can all re-focus our eyes to other topics — like this vacation! Basically, it was an awesome time because it was a great opportunity to spend quality quiet time detached from the world on a pretty little island, pondering how one person can be so lucky to witness a place like Turks and Caicos with a loved one. I've been there a handful of times and am convinced each and every time that it exists to me only as a fluke, a big massive joke from nature. I spent my time reading books, sleeping by the ocean, snorkeling, and drinking fruity cocktails in plastic cups whilst bobbing in the ocean. I didn't even have to worry about accessories because my pals at Tictail outfitted me with these rad circle sunglasses from Happy Glasses.

In short, I highly recommend a trip there next year. The cost is about the same as any Playa Del Carmen-Mexico place if you book early. So do! 

PS: This is a great time to mention that Tictail just launched their mobile app. So you can shop my stuff and other cool things from wherever you are. Even on your phone poolside in Turks and Caicos. ;) You can download it here from the App Store.

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