Thigh High Boots, AKA Mount Everest

MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA boots (38), ZARA dress (M), EVERLANE silk top (S), ZARA bag

The nice thing about thigh-high boots is that they are a great solution to short shift dresses in the winter. They're more polished than stockings, and make an outfit instantly modern. The downside about thigh-high boots is that they are deeply associated with, you know, prostitutes, and if worn the wrong way you are definitely dismissed as that pretty quickly.  Even still, as a fashion fan, I think they're so cool.  Like they are an accessory you successfully style and master when you really nail your personal style. I think I can do that, I say to myself. After all, some women pull them off with such ease that it makes me enthusiastic and confident to try. Now, I'm not a stick-thin woman, especially when it comes to hips, so my constant worry is that thigh-high boots will just emphasize the curviness of my hips. That's cool and what not, it is what it is, but that would make me feel so uncomfortable, as if I was a walking sex person. So my goal was to find a pair of boots with more clunky proportions to help downplay the sleek silhouettes which seem to make me uncomfortable at this point. In other words, baby steps.

Enter these Margiela boots. I'd like to think the strange texture and casual boot shape of these Maison Martin Margiela boots — FYI, acquired at a crazy 70% discount on Matches Fashion's epic sale after months on my wish list — offset all that overly sexual innuendo stuff that is implied by their crazy lengths.  At least, I hope it does. I've really got nothing else to say about this outfit other than that. This is a work in progress after all.  What do you think? 

And note to self: get a better lint roller. 


  1. those boots look awesome! as for me, the only thigh high boot i'd ever wear would be from stuart weitzman because his shoes are amazing...but I don't have $600 to spare :(

    1. I love the 50/50 too! I bought them once, but totally regretted the price. Back they went. Welp!
      Sometimes Shopbop will have them 25% with one of their promos though!

  2. love!! you've styled them perfectly...

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