Fixers of Bad Haircuts: Spoke & Weal

[Indulge me for a couple minutes during this post to wax poetic about Spoke & Weal. I am under no obligation to talk about them, but I am so impressed by my experience with them that I'm going to anyway] You may have noticed a couple years ago my hair was super short in blog posts. I meant for this to happen! I'd say. But that was just me trying to make of a horrible situation: someone had cut my hair into the shortest boy cut ever that I simply did not ask for. Oh, how I cried! It grew out painfully slow and incredibly uneven. It looked sickly, and although I knew the right thing to do was to get another haircut (the irony!) I was scared no one would ever do it correctly. 
That is until Liz from Spoke & Weal SF contacted me to reach out about their salon and services. Truth be told: I was extremely skeptical. I had just recently found peace with my sad hair and was perfectly okay to just continue living with my situation. But Liz was so reassuring in her emails to me, so I went in for a consult. Liz had originally booked me for a color consultation with Christine, their superstar colorist, and I was just hanging around the salon waiting area when Jon Reyman introduced himself and came over to chat. I explained my hair situation as he reviewed the sad state of my hair after undoing my ponytail. After hearing compelling things about how he'd fix it I said, "No disrespect, but I was simply not ready for another haircut." He backed off. I felt bad. I thought maybe he was the only one who knew what he was doing, but I'm pretending to know more than an experienced professional. Fine then. I chatted more with Jon and two minutes later I was allowing him to cut my hair. 

Shaky nerves went away and needless to say I was delightfully surprised. I went from a girl who was ready to wear a ponytail forever one minute, to having a nice haircut that shows off my hair's natural body and the tools to bring that out each day. That, my friends, is a freaking miracle. Hair has always been a touchy subject for me, and now I'm incredibly grateful to have a go-to salon.

Jon and Christine are fantastic with outstanding reputations, and the rest of the staff is equally lovely and talented. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend any of my friends to them.

Address: 850 Greenwich St, San Francisco, CA 94133
Phone:(415) 800-7440

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