Reality Bites

In homage to the complete 90s moment that I and everyone seems to be having, I got a little more fun with my Flashback Friday posts. I loved Reality Bites, even though at the time when I saw it, it was really emotional and I didn't understand why. I grew up some more and now I understand. Reality, it does bite sometimes. Ethan Hawke was just too smart, Winona was just too pretty, too pouty, but we know they'd end up together eventually. Given that, I dug all the way bag to 2011 and realized that I have been harboring a little 90s love all the way back then, too. Wearing a sheer, collared, sleeveless, crop top and my Theory tapered pants, I decided that not only will my newly shorn 90s bob good in this, but I could also add my 70s-esque Miu Miu sky-high clogs. I'm no Winona, but let me tell you, it's fun to pretend sometimes —minus that whole shopping felony, misdemeanor, or whatever she ended up with. 

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