The Girl Goes On An Adventure

This is the kind of thing I would wear if I was going to travel a warmer city abroad, or if my name was Natalie and I just got engaged to my longtime beau in a romantic 18-month round-the-world, life-changing, adventure. (Read their blog here, trust me, you will want to track their travels.). I'd carry a backpack because that's just my style: I carry a lot of things because I'm a what-if-worst-case-scenario kind of girl. But I'd also carry a clutch, and ideally i'd like it to be in the same color scheme of said backpack and hopefully with a cross-body chain. Don't know what's going on here to make me so attracted to brown plus black, but it seems to work for me. The formal bi-color top is a night time shirt dressed way down for day, but I love how easy it is to wear. Plus if you're investing in such a top, I would pretty much have to find reasons to wear it for other ocassions. The shorts are clean cut and can only be described as conservative — darling even, especially in a world where short shorts typically have frayed edges or pocket lining sticking out of the bottom. I say no to those for this hypothtical trip because we're going for a more refined look. That requires a kind of short that will not make people immediately label you as a vagabond (the backpack is already working hard to label you that anyway), so you have to counter that. Plus, they let sit at nicer restaurants with shorts like these. The brogues are a nod to the masculinity that I love to infuse into outfits. The patent keeps things polished, literally, which helps because you're wearing shorts.  

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