Drinks with Net-a-Porter, Refinery 29, and San Francisco's Best

I just wanted to have a moment to commemorate a lovely evening with Net-A-Porter and Refinery 29. The evening was pleasant and I had a fantastic time last night meeting up with fellow San Francisco bloggers. Fine people like Maia from Design Conundrum, Anh from  9to5chic.com, Blair from Atlatic-Pacific, Tara from The Wonder Girl, Britt and Whit from, duh, Britt & Whit,  Erin of Apartment 34, Natalie from Like Fresh Laundry, and Kathleen from InspiraFashion. Everyone was super spring looking despite the nasty clouds and periodic rain, and the designer-inspired cocktails were kind of amazing.  I'm drinking the sweet and bold Miu Miu in that picture, but I also had a taste of the clean citrus Stella McCartney, and the ultra favorite of the night, the elderflower and basil infused Burberry drink.

Huge thanks for Nicole and Alison of Net-A-Porter for setting this up. It was great to see everyone again. Also a shout out to the great Joanna Riedl, too! Amazing people!


  1. it was lovely meeting you last night! hope to run into you again at another sf event!


  2. Nice to see you too, adorably named Pancake Stacker!

    Let's do that again some time :)

  3. My dear, let's book another date to get together - I'd love to chat more!