Kathleen Whitaker Earring Pretzels

KATHLEEN WHITAKER earrings / ZARA top + skirt / KAREN WALKER sunglasses / CATBIRD ring / KATE SPADE ring / JENNIFER FISHER earrings

Oh Kathleen Whitaker. I am such a fan of you. If you remember this post, and this post, her jewelry is definitely a favorite because of her designs and the contrast between the dainty proportions of each earring and the sometimes masculine, or geometric shapes. What I love about these long gold chain earrings lately is being able to weave them through my ear piercings — I have three. I wear them in a loop, making a floppy hoop earring shape, and then sometimes I weave the long strand into a slight pretzel. It's just such a versatile piece of jewelry. You can find her stuff here. I'm wearing the long chain and bar earrings. I would die for that ear cuff though!

In other news, I've taken a massive look into my closet and have decided that I need to reassess the situation. I've been donating goods and prepping the launch of the 12:04 shop because I figure if I haven't worn it in months, someone else should definitely benefit from my clothes, shoes and such. In the meantime, I've taken a liking for super clean and simple dressing. This has to be one of the most accessorized looks I am wearing lately, but I think the fact that the jewelry is so dainty and minimal makes it okay to pile it on. Love the oversized proportions of this denim Zara top. The embroidered piping detail is a colorful touch that keeps it just a little earthy feeling for me. This white skirt is really something that I could not resist, which is strange since I gravitate naturally towards black. I literally saw it across the store, and with an arm full of typical black colored clothes, I just made up my mind: "Yea, this is totally wearable this summer. Grab it hurry that girl is looking at it." And the hair? Oh no big deal. Just some Heidi braids. They are my favorite hairstyle right now. It's so easy to put together and it seems like the messier your hair is to begin with, the better the braided outcome.


  1. Looking absolutely gorg lady! I love the jewels!

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  3. Hi! Can you show us how you braid your hair like that?? It looks perfect.

    1. Hi! Of course! I've gotten so many requests, I'm working on one soon.

      Thank you for commenting.