Apron Boots

The investment has been made: the long-lusted after Balenciaga apron boots arrived at my door, and like a mother caring for her kin, I took it in for some service at the shoe repair shop fresh out of the box. There was nothing wrong with them--the apron boots are pretty much as amazing as they look on tumblr--but caring for these shoes should start on day one. Here's what I mean; the boots are meticulously crafted with impeccable details, including a sparkly clean wooden sole with a light covering of black paint. This is a no no for walking around in the city since wearing off the sole means the first time you bring them in to get the soles re-surfaced it will be more like a reconstruction job. Do yourself and your wallet a favor, bring them in to a talented cobbler to put on a protective rubber sole. It'll run you about $45 and its totally worth a couple hours wait. If you're in San Francisco, I swear by the nice people at Shoe Wiz in the mall. They are speedy and get the job done right.

ZARA topZARA skortBALENCIAGA apron boots, CARVEN collar, KATE SPADE ring


  1. wow, what a smart idea. I never thought to do that, but totally agree that it's worth it! Thanks for the tip :)


  2. where did you get the lovely ring you are wearing on your index finger?

    1. kate spade knot ring! quality isn't the greatest, unfortunately, I'd wait until this goes on sale to get it: http://rstyle.me/~uu7A