You know the feeling where there aren't enough hours in the day, but there are so many exciting things you want to do and accomplish, and they'd totally happen, but first you have to deliver top notch work at your full time job, and find time to be sociable, and then, you can come home and work on your pet projects? That's where I'm at. I'm fulfilled and excited by what's on my plate and by what I continually push myself to do in addition. Why am I stating that here? Because I consider this a fun extra curricular that I continue to be excited to contribute to in my free time.

Yes, analytics and other "blogging tips and tricks" would tell me that I should post often and monetize this and that whenever possible. But I just say no to all of that. Just no. Back when I started this blog in 2006-2007 I was just looking for a place to put whatever was in my head out on a public space and see if anyone shared the same ideas thoughts, or hey, even challenged them sometimes. So no, I'm not going to exploit this with links just to pad my bottom line. As I've always done, I will only show you what I feel is truly worthy of a recommendation. When I've got nothing worthy to say I'm not going to post. All you have to do is not give up on me like the handsome but troubled son in American Beauty said to his father in that one dramatic scene after he was caught peepin' the neighbors.


  1. Did you see my post from earlier this week? It's like you've been reading my mind... oh and love this btw! xo

  2. ...and that is why I love your blog. Won't be "giving up on you" anytime soon.
    - Annike

  3. My days have too many hours, I don't know what to do with myself sometimes.