The Importance of Tailoring

I had this Zara dress tailored to fit my body better and I seriously think I get more compliments on it than other more pricey designer dresses. It just goes to show that when it comes to shopping at Zara you can find real gems if you're vigilant about purchasing quality fabrics (this dress is 100% cotton/linen) and being careful to fit your body right. In this case, the straps were a little too long for my height (being 5'3" is kind of a pain because almost everything is too long, AMIRITE) so I took them to The Best Tailors in SF, San Francisco Tailors. SF people! Go to Sally: She will treat you right and do even the impossible. For example, Sally is currently tailoring my Kiini swimsuit, which seemed like a silly request when I got there, but Sally was all business and so nice about fitting it to my body during my lunch hour. 

In short: tailoring makes clothes look expensive. So, like, do it!


  1. I have learned to do the same over the years! Makes you want to keep the clothes you altered over the years, too, so it's money well spent. I've become super particular about jacket sleeves and skirt lenght. Also 5'3 here...

    1. Skirt lengths are super key, right? If they are too long then we're suddenly TINY women, but if hit at just the right spot we can appear taller instantly.