Proenza Schouler

You've got to hand it to the two men behind Proenza Schouler. Being the cool kid is such a transient part of someone's life, if ever, and yet they have continuously found the formula for transforming fabric into such an effortlessly cool and feminine piece. The shoes, for one, are right on top of my Fall 2013 wishlist. They embody the bows that I am so enamored with, plus the intricacies of what can only be described as oversized doilies, but in leather. I fully support the turtleneck becoming the next "it" accessory. Turtlenecks have a deep-rooted place in my memory, starting when I was a child and wanted to wear them under everything. They remind me of everything cozy and practical that was part of my childhood, even the beautiful way my mom layered them under both mine and her clothes. That memory may not be front-row fashion worthy, but fashion to me is personal, and my favorite part of this collection was how comfortable it made me feel. Proenza Schouler trampled on completely known territory for me, memories even, and that's why I love it: Oversized layers, fuzzy fabrics, and a sense of being completely covered, yet absolutely desirable.


  1. I love the collection! Especially the last picture featured here!

  2. Good lord. everything here is drop dead gorgeous- and it's rare that I see a collection that I'm so all-encompassingly fond of.

    I'm actually drooling at those long jackets and the silhouettes in the last 2 photos. It's tough to make a big belt look chic and unfrumpy - but damn, he does it.

    Love this: "Being the cool kid is such a transient part of someone's life"
    So true. I guess some people just know how to hit upon a consistently relevant formula.

    And are those leather sweatpants with side-stripes!? holy kamole.
    And the shoes!

    ayiyiyiyi. Don't know how I missed this collection. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing.


    1. So good right? I may need that long furry looking cream coat in my life ASAP.
      Thank you!