Weekend Project: The Matte butter Manicure

It's moving weekend for me (!!), so it's been absolutely nuts. I will leave you for the weekend with this fine nugget of manicure inspiration by butter LONDON. When I unpack my nail polish I'm going to attempt the matte french tip. It's literally how I want to design my business cards — matte recycled black thick stock with spot varnish only — but in nails! Try it out! Let me know how it goes!

Tip: The half moon manicure is easy as pie with hole punch reinforcers. It looks pretty ridiculous cutting one in half and sticking it on the nail, but it is a super clean line. Paint the bottom color first (the half moon color), then stick the half hole punch reinforcer where you want the curve to be, then paint above that line. Easy. Done. You're welcome.

Have a great weekend!

The tools for the matte manicure:

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