3.1 Phillip Lim

 Let's just begin by saying that 3.1 Phillip Lim has hardly disappointed me once since the brand's start in the mid-2000's. I appreciate the consistent ability to create beautifully subtle prints and combine them with large textured knits, shiny leather, and hardware-like embellishments without going over the top. The quilted pink is such a beautiful color to see here — it's an unexpected feminine twist to an otherwise moody and dark looking runway.
I must admit, though, that my favorite aspect of the Fall 2013 runway was the expert layering. It takes real skill to layer clothes and volumes on top of each other and still create a sexy female silhouette. Best of all, in true Phillip Lim style, the details are where the magic is. The sheer sleeves, apron hems, and color-blocking cuff details literally make the outfit, creating 360 degrees of appeal and interest.
It can be hard to see how a collection like this can be worn on the sidewalks of San Francisco, or the East Bay on a pretty night out without looking like I'm trying too hard, but the thing about Lim is that he makes it so easy to dissect the runway look and achieve levels of it by only applying one or two things. That bronzed lip on a clean face? Check. The pairing of super rich brown leathers with warm feminine tones? Of course. Layering collared shirts in varying lengths under sweaters and coats? Done. His clothes make me feel modern, feminine, and confident, which is truly a rare trifecta in today's fashion.

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