Cold Front

 I'm the kind of person that retreats to the familiar and the safe in the presence of overwhelming noise. If you think about it, it's actually most people's instincts to "keep it simple" — the stupid is optional, depending on the situation. I'm all for pretty proportions or oversized layers, but sometimes the easiest and most beautiful thing to me is getting up in the morning and putting on the same old favorites. Not flashy, not brand name anything, just simple clothes that have been with me for years. This coat, for instance, is over ten years old, a gift from my dad when I was still in high school. Everyone around me was getting puffy jackets in pink and other awesome cheery colors, while I was in the petite woman's section admiring a wool coat that made me feel a little more polished than anyone else. It was my most adult piece of clothing, which at the time, was completely mismatched with my "extreme low rise" flared jeans and my worn out black Converse. (The proportions are to blame here, if I had known about the skinny jean effect back then I would have gladly worn it, because now I know how good it looks with a sleek coat, skinny pants, and a flash of bare ankle with a sneaker.) Maybe it's my instincts being honed back then to love fashion with a minimal slant, or maybe it's the fact that I'm living amongst boxes now and the only thing I know how to comfortably put together amongst the chaos of moving is this.

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