Black / White

This weekend was surprising in that it is the first time in a while that I actually got a little bit dressy and didn't completely ruin a pair of jeans painting or demolishing something in my new house. It was a cause for celebration, obviously. I felt like my freedom to outfit myself in anything lead to this experimentation that is obviously heavy into Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton. The black and white for spring is something totally up my alley only because I am already well stocked on the black portion of that combination. The white? Different story. As a woman with some hips, I definitely stay away from white jeans and I like to incorporate the white elsewhere, like in a print. It makes me feel safer — and yes that is the word that best encapsulates my aversion to them. The white jeans have the ability to make my wide hips seem wider, which in 99.9% of cases, I do not want. Sticking to darker bottoms allows me to go a little overboard with the print and color in other places. In this case, incredibly wide horizontal stripes, which oddly enough have the same capacity to make a woman wider. Why did I like this then? Well, the wide stripes are almost a hyperbole on stripes, in that they are extremely large and the sheer proportion of the top/dress is so oversized that I have no choice to look more diminutive that I actually am. How's that for safe? 

Wearing: ZARA top, pants, bag, shoes  (Seriously). KAREN WALKER #6 sunglasses. URBAN OUTFITTERS bow headband.


  1. I love these stripes. I don't think they are unflattering at all! Cheers to your outfit! xo

  2. Great outfit, loving the stripes! xx