The One Holiday Party Dress

So you've got a couple holiday parties to go to this year. What are you going to wear? I typically like to keep this particular purchase to one singular dress that can be used for the myriad of holidays and parties I have to celebrate in December: my birthday (12/04!), my work's holiday party or Nick's holiday party, Christmas Eve dinner with family, New Years Eve. Why? Because budgets, that's why. My ideal dress this year is something very ornate a la Valentino 2013, where long-sleeve dresses and peter pan collars ruled the runway and screamed at the very core of my sartorial being. So imagine my excitement when I found something very similar to my sought after holiday party dress on Free People. What's more, after some coordination Free People generously allowed me to keep this amazing (and kind of goth, no?) embroidered dress to wear to my holiday parties this year. My original intent was to debut this beauty in New Orleans, where I was a wedding guest, but heavy rain and unpredictable weather pretty much killed that idea.  It's not a big deal though because I still get to wear it to all my San Francisco parties. What I like most about this dress is the drama of it all. The fact that it's so covered up and exposed in just the right places to make me feel pretty, and dressed up, and downright sexy. Did I  mention it's supremely comfortable? You could literally eat a full meal, dance around and still feel like a million bucks. What other positive thing can you write about a dress than that?

Zara heels *old
Kate Spade clutch *old
Repossi ring


  1. Absolutely fabulous. Can't even believe that is Free People. Love your hair like that too.

    xo Carlina

  2. Longtime reader here :) I love your style, and that dress is positively stunning on you!

  3. you look amazing! for a second I actually thought you were wearing valentino, can't believe that's free people!


    1. Awesome. That's what I thought too! Thanks Stephanie, as always :)