Nihilism, aka The Holidays Are Here

I'm in a mood. And this is only a phase, so yes, it's going to pass. But in the meantime my posts (or desire to post) about fashion and other silly girl things are going to be a little bit jaded and a little sporadic — thank you Clueless for teaching me this word ages ago. While my sulking gray mood will pass with the holidays (it always does), I suspect my shopping behavior is changing permanently: I no longer want all the things. That thrilling feeling  of new shit just doesn't cut it anymore. Maybe because I'm getting older —I had a birthday last week —and I'm being reflective and taking stock of my life in the past year. I've done a lot but I realize that my most personal and longest running project (this blog) is a challenge for me these days because as I grow older my focus on fashion is becoming a little more subdued, more boring I guess you can say if you're comparing my blog to other more colorful and exciting post-every-day kind of blogs. I just want to be thoughtful with my posts so that's why you're seeing so much less of them. 

Disclaimer: It's not that I'm important enough to explain the gap in-between posts, but it's that you (the reader) is important to me that I feel the need to keep you hooked in some capacity with my honesty. 

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