A couple changes on this happy Friday morning! I've been busy behind the scenes on a little bit of a redesign, and what you see now is Part One of the overall overhaul. Full disclosure: it's made me more stressed than I ever thought it would. 12:04 has become a part of me, and thanks to people who visit and read, It's been a more important part of my life.

I often get asked, "What is the story behind the little dog and the bow tie?"

Well, that little dog was my actual dog, Max. He was a gentleman, I loved him, and passed away a couple years ago. As an icon, and in real life, Max has always been a white dog, but recently began exploring the possibilities of an inverted color scheme. So I ask you, my readers, whom I also love, if you have any opinions on which way is best I'd love to hear them in the comments. Does it matter?


  1. I don't think it matter or should matter. He was YOUR dog and he'll always be the same in your heart no matter what. It's just a different way of remembering him:)

  2. I have loved this blog and have since the Forbes(?) article that pointed me to it. Max can be anyway you want him to be. I am glad you shared the story about him.

  3. I love the gentlemanly white dog BUT seeing him change is a treat. Change is good.