"Nothing Fits Me. WTF"

This was just a couple weeks ago in a crazy cool, comfortable and sleek minimal outfit. It's a winner in my book because in it I feel pretty great, even despite the crazy unattractive, über comfortable Zara sandals — which coincidentally are what makes it feel so freaking trendy. So it's crazy how much I loved this outfit on the weekend I wore it and how fast I forgot it existed without this photographic evidence now. WTF? I can't tell you how many morning's I've relived this epically accurate scene This Is 40 fending off my crazy morning emotions and bubbling frustration tears while I stare at the sea of monochrome colors in my closet. Without this blog TumblrPinterest to remind me that I wore successful outfits sometimes I think I'd just never leave the house.

THEORY silk pants (medium), ZARA sandals (6 1/2), J.CREW blazer (US 4), TOPSHOP tank (Medium)


  1. you wear successful outfits all the time and this one is one of them. I love it.

  2. cute outfit