Bespoke Blue Jeans

Bespoke. Made to order denim. It's a real thing now and man does it feel nice. I used to think a pair of jeans was an unremarkable item in your closet, something you could literally go out and find anywhere. But after being sent a pair from Talley that were literally made after my order was placed I don't think I can ever make that same silly inference again. It's not only the fit very precise but it's the entire feel and tensile strength in the very fibers that feels more premium than other denim brands of a comparable price point. I chose to get the Myles because I wanted a pair of super-slim jeans that were hyper-fitted from the hips to ankle so I can tuck them into boots. Currently, they only offer one inseam choice, but it'd be great to see that type of customization be expanded over time. The jeans I chose delivered on the hyper fit but also in the site's promise for a quality feel. Not only do the jeans have a compression fit that has a crazy slimming effect, but they don't seem to lose shape. How do I know this? Because I wore these while driving up the I-5 from Los Angeles to San Francisco this past weekend. That drive was brutal, to say the least. We hit some unexpected traffic mid-way and it was stop and go for about three hours. I will admit these jeans aren't for self-designated "fat" days, but I suspect that is purely a cause of me choosing the most tightly fitted cut. 

I'm frankly considering ordering a black pair with my own hard-earned money this time. (I'm kind of kicking myself I didn't request them in black to begin with, to be honest!) Or maybe something with a little bit of a trendier, looser fit, like the Edison high-waisted crop. 

TALLEY NYC jeans in the Myles wash (wearing a size 26 / they run unforgivingly true to size) thanks to Talley NYC
J.CREW tux shirt
SUPERGA sneakers
CELINE sunglasses


  1. How much customization do they offer? Do they take custom measurements?

    I went to the site, but wasn't immediately clear if they custom fit them for you...

    1. Jen! That is a very good question. I took a look at their site again and as of now it looks like they do only have one inseam choice, which is not very custom I agree. I've reached out my contacts with Talley to clarify their plans for making customizations in the future. I went ahead and softened my review on the custom part since my experience is currently not reflected on the site.

      I really appreciate your question, Jen, and will update my post with more specifics when I get it from the team.

      In the meantime, what I can speak to with exuberance is the quality of the denim. I am so impressed by the nature of the denim itself that I am truly considering purchasing the black pair with my next paycheck. That I can back 100%.

      I'll follow up, k?


    2. I heard back from Talley! They said while customization of things like inseam isn't currently offered, this is something they are thinking of expanding in the future. Right now they are focusing on high quality denim material and their made to order process. Meaning, you order the jeans and they are made from scratch while you get emails and updates on the progress.

    3. Thanks for checking!

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