Fantastic Things, Inspiration, Etc. — Feb. 2, 2012

Just a collection of things that I am in love with at the moment. I've been trying to track down those Jennifer Fisher lighting bolt studs for a while now. Which is a great thing, only in that it impedes on my dedication to saving up for the Eddie Borgo pave cone bracelet. I'm starting the BluePrint cleanse tomorrow, just for 3 days. Wish me luck and have a laugh at my heinous planning: it's Super Bowl weekend. While everyone on earth will be (rightfully) enjoying the game with a beer and greasy food, I will be enjoying my hydrolic pressed food juice.


  1. Where is that first necklace from?! I've fallen in love. [....with the necklace. To be clear.]

  2. your blog is such a delight. every post.

  3. I have no idea where the necklace is from, Mika. But it's fantastic right?

    I found a couple similar ones. You could layer them over each other to get the same effect:

    hope that helps!