Warm & Fuzzy

I'm in a winter state of mind as I write this because I'm getting notifications of "What's New" from online shops and my wish list is growing rapidly. The latest look I'm obsessing over is just a modified version of what I like for summer. Sure there's a collar, but now it's a fur Marni collar. Worn over a patterned ChloĆ© sweater and with adorably colored merlot Charlotte Olympia half calf kitty flats. The same kitty flats in black that I have been obsessing over for months. The bag, always that bag, is the classic Proenza Schouler PS11 in navy. Why navy? Because I'm still in a Summer Olympics spirit and realize that when red white and blues in an outfit are more berry and gem colored, the overall effect is less patriotic and more like this.  Delectable. Last but not least are a leg-elongating pair of wool Joseph pants, because I'm 5'3" and my aspirations to be tall have been replaced with finding ways of looking tall.

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