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I have high hopes for my ideal home and what I want it to be. Although it's a little bit away before I can remodel and get down to doing it — a small pesky detail called "house hunting" — I am nonetheless in the research phase of my adventure. Like my wardrobe, my home will be a mix of modern, clean, and feminine with plenty of stark black and white as a base. The plan is to mix in touches of color in the form of furniture, accessories, and natural elements, since I cannot rely on myself to stick with a colorful trend forever. I love the mix of natural materials like reclaimed wood, mixed in with the clear modernity of lucite and stainless steel. To keep it from getting overly masculine I have a master plan to incorporate fresh flowers and lush shearling rugs, which to me just scream femininity. So in the meantime, I find myself making boards on Pinterest, and ripping out pages of magazines in an effort not to forget my master plan.

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