All Saints

Photos by Nick Smith

My first leather jacket purchase that is sure to be the first of many at All Saints. Sure I've worn it plenty of times and featured it here quite often, but there's nothing like the dusk of Dixon, California to really bring out the detail in jet black leather. Quilted leather I might add. Like many people, I fell in love with that Balenciaga quilted leather jacket, but was completely overwhelmed by the hefty price tag. After a long search and disappointment to find that many brands use very thin leather for highly priced jackets, I discovered All Saints. It is a perfectly reasonable alternative to the designer items without feeling like a total teeny bopper. All Saints is one of my favorite shops now for their emphasis on quality leathers, craftsmanship, and most importantly, price point! I'm wearing the Rally Jacket, which is a hybrid of a biker jacket, with an asymmetrical zipper, plus quilted leather sleeves. Trust me, you won't be sorry! Check them out, but beware of the UK sizing:

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