Persian Turquoise in the Atlantic

Mara Hoffman bikini, Hurley boy shorts, Elva Fields turquoise earrings (courtesy of Elva Fields), Target beach hat, Anthropologie sunglasses

Wearing jewelry to the beach is a precarious situation watiting to happen, especially when the pieces of jewelry happen to be the same turquoise hue as the crystal clear ocean. But I recall being quite bothered with dealing with my hair at this point in the trip, needing to pull the salty tresses back into a sleek bun. Now the thing that always gets me about the whole sleek bun thing is that they always leave my face in need of some delicate framing to keep me from getting too boyish. And especially in this beach situation where I can't rely on very much clothing to bring some of that back in, I rely on accessories.  The gifted Elva Fields earrings, colorful and of substantial weight, are the right amount of accessory for the occasion: an afternoon reading on the beach. The slight facets in the briolette stones keep pastel clusters neat and layer in a slightly scale-like way which is almost too appropriate for the scenic Atlantic ocean view.

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