Sleepy Head

One of the beautiful guarantees in life is that at some point each day you will fall asleep. Unless you work in advertising, then maybe every other day, but I digress. The two options for sleep is waking up completely rested or on the wrong side of the bed. That's why, like a modern working woman, I employ a steady army of material goods to help relax three key senses into sleep, practically assuring that I have a good night's rest. These three things are luxurious in their elemental nature, but not particularly over the top. I've narrowed down my favorite things after a experimental period of trial and error. Allow me to share:

J. Crew vintage pajama set, cozy and oversized, preferably worn with a tank top with the cool cotton top behaving more like a robe in the summer months.
Byredo Fleur Fantôme. Completely unique, distinctly floral, absolutely lovely. An addictive and potentially expensive habit that is always worth it in the end.
Mary Green silk satin sleeping mask  because if you're going to leave a glimmer of a candle (safely!) in your bedroom, shutting out the light becomes absolutely necessary.


  1. lovely post. began reading 12:04 last month and think your writing and images are brilliant!

  2. Yo con que el pijama sea bien grande ya tengo suficiente. Prové el antifaz durante un tiempo pero me molestaba un montón y en cuanto a las velas, nunca suelo usarlas, así que no las encuentro super necesarias. Yo mientras haya silencio... me quedo clapada jaja. por cierto, por tu apellido pareces catalana... es así?

    un beso! x

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