Off With Her Heard

CAMEO dress (c/o Adela Mei) (size S), ALL SAINTS jacket (size 4), CARVEN collar, VINCE corduroy leggings (size XS)

It's nice that it only took my mind months to figure out how to correctly articulate the runway trend of of wearing pants under dresses without completely feeling like one of those toddlers who choose to wear their entire mismatched closet at once. Although it's hard to tell from a photograph, the pants I'm wearing are a super-tight corduroy, which is a nice texture contrast to the dress's jacquard feeling material in real life —plus, it's much warmer than tights, you know in case you find yourself in San Francisco during our freaking summers. It took the right dress and the right cut to make it all click mentally. It turns out a voluminous drop waist like the one in this Cameo dress is a good way to balance out any sort of pant, as long as it is more slim fitted or simple than the volume up top.

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