Somber Fiesta

Ph. Biby Pacheco
In real life, this ruffled top is a pretty mix of ocean blue with retro pink and yellow weaving hues swirling about it. It looks almost like a farmer's market shopping basket that Mexican women carry — which is part of the reason I absolutely loved this top the moment I saw it. I tried it on over whatever dress I was wearing, right then and there, no dressing room needed, and boom: it was beautifully proportioned ruffles that make anything you're wearing look like a fiesta. 

Color photos coming soon, duh, because this top is so beautiful in full living color (get it?!, like the show!). I just wanted to showcase the bright top in a quieter way, since my mom did such a beautiful job capturing the details.

"ONE OF KIND" ANTHROPOLOGIE top (I guess this means it's only available in limited quanities, in-store, and it's all handmade). 

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