My Never Ending Obsession With Jennifer Fisher's Mini Mini Creations

Jennifer Fisher mini mini triangle earrings, Ksubi tee, aviators (similar here)

Tiny earrings that are almost invisible to the eye until a glimmer of light hits the precious metals just right. It turns out these gold Jennifer Fisher Mini Mini earrings are harder to shoot than I ever thought.   I'm wearing the triangle ones, but it's hard to tell without violating your personal space and giving you an extreme close up of my ear lobe. So I spared you, and instead choose to write about my love for these in plain words accompanied by a single photo taken at an appropriate distance.

"Why even bother with such tiny pieces of jewelry" some have asked me.

Well, I say, it's because they're completely charming. You hold them in your hand and they are just so intricately crafted (and small!) that you start to wonder how mixing and matching all these shapes will look. They are just the right size for multiple pierced ears. And in true Mexican form, I had all six of my ear piercings done when I was a wee baby — obviously not my idea, but in retrospect a stroke of genius on my aunt's behalf. Seeing how beautiful the gold looks you will start to wonder how beautifully quirky the diamond lighting bolts will shine. 

In a word, they are perfect. My expectations for minimal, feminine, and modern are met and depending on which you go for, they won't break the bank. The traingle mini mini's are just $100 for 14k gold.

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