Now That's More Like It, Marc By Marc

For a while Marc by Marc was getting a little absurd with it's overly Hot-Topic-esque clothes and kitschy crap for cheap at the boutiques. But the clothes and accessories for Spring 2009 are looking a lot better. A lot more like the utilitarian, youthful, and deceivingly D.I.Y. styling that made the brand hot to begin with.

I personally think when precious Marc Jacobs lost all that adorable nerd chub he got a little egomaniacal with this Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc, Todd's, and boyfriend tattooing empire that he lost a little of that fabulous edge.

Now I bet the man has come to his senses and has situated himself in his new svelt body long enough to realize that he is still that adorable nerd on the fatty inside and should keep designing like him despite his svelty exterior.

Upon realizing this, BAM.
Look at this collection.
Those jackets are fitted, the ruffles are girly, and the layered dresses are precious.

Hot, yes?

Patterns and stripes, and wearable cotton is all good for spring, but those shoes are They are fantastic in their own unflattering way. Especially those stripey ones near the center. Girls like Chanel Iman and Karlie Kloss are teeny tiny and still manage to look like they're missing some ankles a la fat people. And anything that gives me instant illusion of cankles can go to hell, in my opinion.

But I think this is minor speed bump on the MJ Highway of Genius. His designer reassessment probably didn't apply to the shoes yet, but god damn it, it will.

Tangent: it's the first week in January and I've already been hearing about catty bitches at work, layoffs affecting my friends, gloomy forecasts for the rest of the year. Given that, I'd like to propose this year the Year Of The Downtrodden Peoples.

Hang in there, my friends.

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  1. And now to find a wardrobe that speaks to my downtrodden sensibilities.

    tangent: i want a marc jacobs purse by the year 2011