Ain't Them Bodies Saints


 Sometimes you watch a movie and realize that you wished you lived in that time period. Design Sponge does a crazy good job at breaking apart the actual logic of how you can live in your favorite movies, and with this dress I actually felt like I could live in the Western crime thriller. This review of 'Ain't Them Bodies Saints,' by my favorite film critic A. O. Scott, sets the seen pretty perfectly:
We are in a land of courteous lawmen and soulful outlaws, skinny women in plain dresses and squinty-eyed killers in black hats. These folks ride around in battered pickup trucks and peek out through the screen doors of peeling clapboard farmhouses. Occasionally one of them will aim a rifle or a pistol in another’s direction. An older fellow says “howdy.”
Sure, the dress isn't quite plaid, but it's certainly old fashioned in its architecture. The best part has to be when I bought it from Target and realized that a dress from Target could fit me this pretty. (Do me a favor, though, and ignore the crazy collar that is slightly flipped in some of these. It was a windy day and I love these photos Nick took.) I guess my point with this post is that sometimes the clothes in your closet take on a brand new shine after a healthy dose of inspiration. In this case, the beautifully shot moody movie left me wanting to pout dramatically in a lady like dress for the afternoon. Layer on top of the a healthy dose of moisture from the recent heat wave, and we've got ourselves some moody makeup to boot. 

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  1. i purchased that dress too but had to return it -- a target xs = a regular small :(
    looks great on you, though!! xx