The American Way

First of all,  let me state for the record that this t-shirt is from Target. It is $8 and perfect. I'm all for the finest one-seamed wares of The Row's perfect tee, or the boxy boyfriend fit of the Everlane box tee, and even the super worn-in favorite from Pickwick & Weller, but there is something so satisfying in finding a budget friendly Target tee that makes me just want to brag about it for a minute. Because when you "invest" in Balenciaga apron boots, Repossi rings and Thierry Lasry sunglasses, there has to be a balance in the universe. High and low, my friends. Play the game because otherwise it's hard not to feel like a real butthole consumer, satisfying my every whim with a swipe of a debit card.

TARGET t-shirt  /  AG jeans  /  REPOSSI ring  /  ZARA heels  /  THIERRY LASRY sunglasses  /  J. CREW blazer  /   FASHIONOLOGY necklace


  1. Debit card swipes are better than credit card swipes, at least.

    I'm forever committed to American Apparel's viscose tee.

  2. In what universe, is it okay to spend over $1000 on a ring?

    1. In the same universe where you can make an anonymous comment ;)

  3. In what universe do you make enough money to afford a $1000 ring