The Dewy Beauty Look's Best Friend: MAKE

There's a distinct diference between a dewy look and legit oil and shine on your face. One is a runway-ready youthful look and the other is a biproduct of the summer heat and, sadly, sweat. Getting the right balance of shine on your cheeks and dew on your face means having a mattifying mechanism within reach when you notice it slipping towards the messy slick territory. When my face starts to look a little too misty I blot with a tissue paper to gently matte the heaviest looking spots, then use a kabuki brush to layer on a touch of MAKE powder in "Salt Flats." It's a tiny layer of powder that makes a world of difference, I promise. While you're in a powder session, pencil in some white eyeliner in your waterline. That bright-eyed effect is one of my favorites on the go.

Check out MAKE makeup, if only to stare at the beautifully modern and minimal packaging.

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