The One, The Only

 Photos by Nick Smith

This dress has gotten a lot of mileage since I first purchased it as The Holiday Party Dress of 2012. I needed it to be versatile and it truly was, transforming from sparkly frilly thing under a tailored tux jacket for more formal events, to full on Great Gatsbyesque flapper attire for the more let-your-hair-down type of occasions  What's great about it is that in a month of extraordinarily high expenditures (all those gifts, people, they add up), it's nice to know that I ended the year with a smarty pants decision not to overspend on the unnecssary and work on re-styling the one (the only) party dress with what I already own.

1 FREE PEOPLE dress   2   KATE SPADE bag   3   SHOEMINT shoes   4   THEORY blazer  5   MANE MESSAGE headband   6   EDDIE BORGO earrings


  1. loved that dress! and you look so pretty, shining in those midnight blue glitter :)