Palms Rise To the Universe

Yes, that title is in reference to Rihanna's Diamonds, which is pretty much on rotation these days (the album is A+, if you didn't already check it out). It is also a reference to the sparkly dress I chose as The Holiday Party dress this season — The as in one, the number. I wanted something out of the usual black on black repertoire but also needed it to be versatile to wear multiple times. (Read: Repeat Offender situation).

Refinery29 featured my wearing it for colder weather occasions, such as the nippy 48-degree Bay Area parties, but the above styling is for more LA-type outings where sunshine or a semblance of warmth is involved.

The background is just for fun, because hey, if you live in the beautiful East Bay like I do you pretty much know Wildcat Canyon makes for picturesque images and contrasty backdrops. Feel free to hike it, too. I guess people do enjoy the recreational aspect of the park in addition to it's beauty.

Photos by Nick Smith

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