Throwback Thursday + The Acquisition Issue

 Photos by Nick Smith

If I had to choose the greatest benefit to me about having a personal style blog it would definitely be having the ability to go back through time (in a sense) and look at what I was wearing a week ago, or a month ago, or even a year ago. The emotional benefit of this is that it quells my urge to impulse shop, especially at times when I see other (and I will call them fortunate) bloggers and editors displaying their new, and frankly expensive, goods almost daily. I share in the excitement, sure, because as a fashion fan I'd still like to see how those $1,000 shoes get styled. But at some point I start disconnecting when it all seems so new all the time. It reminds me that a large reason I started my blog is because I wanted to document my love of fashion and how I would evolve my personal style as a regular gal: I work in an office, pay my rent, save my money, but aspire for the $3,000 quilted leather icon. You know, real life.

Fashion at large won't change, and I don't expect it to. What makes it so interesting to me, though, is when I see people take a very sophisticated love of this stubborn and exclusive industry and distill it into reality. It's not just about styling, it's also about how and why you bought the $1,000 shoes and show me how you subsequently wear them over time.

Just about the only thing I love more than being inspired by fashion, design, and occasionally acquiring something new for myself, is the endless possibilities of how I will wear it beyond this season. In short, this outfit in these pictures is a year old, and I'm liking how these "same old things" in my closet can feel brand new again.


  1. I couldn't agree with this post more! I read a lot of blogs, and for me its definitely more about the styling, but I want to see the $3000 shoes too. Besides seeing them though, I want to see how to style them, ideally more than once. I don't know if it has to do with the urge to remain ahead of the curve, not appear "last season," or just to sell product, but some bloggers seem to wear only new things. That (sweater/purse/skirt/whatever) may be great, but I'd much rather you show me some tricks as to how to keep wearing it than just show me.

    1. Reading this makes me so happy. You are awesome, Sarah.

  2. I should add, by the way, that this outfit is fantastic :). Love the unexpected shoe choice.

  3. Such a relevant post. I totally agree with you on the "real life" aspect. There seems to be a sense of only displaying "new" items once and maybe twice. But, then they seem to disappear from the blog images in future outfits. I would love to see them more since seeing them styled in different ways make me desire them more (hah!)
    This is a great outfit on you btw. LOVE the color of the jacket and the shoes are so hot!