Repeat Offender CC: Kerrie Yeung

Photos by Nick Smith 

When I like something I like to wear it all the time. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. It becomes a uniform of sorts for me, whatever that item may be. I guess I'm what E! would call a "repeat offender" on their judgey shows. The thing about repeat offenders, though, is that they are the most real people. They know what they like and they stick to it. That's confidence, my friends. Since when is a point of view abhorrently frivolous? Listen Hollywood, what's the joy in wearing something once then never again? How is that authentic? How is that financially sustainable?

Take these rings and earrings by Kerrie Yeung, for example. I like them so much that I wear them almost every day, because I know they just get me and fit my need for clean details. I particularly like how the faceted ring plays on the idea of gem stones, and how the diamond pattern earrings can look boho or minimalist depending on what I wear them with. I think it's a proud badge to wear, this whole "repeat offender" business. I'll wear it today, and again tomorrow, and the next day if I'd like to.

Earrings and ring by Kerrie Yeung ( c/o Kerrie Yeung), J. Crew shirt, Zara top.

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  1. That is a beautiful ring! xo
    Best, M.