Born and Raised

Photo by Biby Pacheco

The cowboy thing is going to be big soon. And I say "cowboy" instead of "cowgirl" because this is the real deal, cowboy, Montana, Wild Wild West, menswear kind of dressing, except tailored and detailed for a woman. Isabel Marant showed that this can be incredibly sexy on the ladies, in that nonchalant French way. This enormous hat seemed laughable at first, from a distance way at the back of the store. It called to mind recent photos of John Mayer during his more "country" days, but upon further inspection realized it was actually kind of great on my round face. The theory goes like this: Big hat, smaller face. Same with sunglasses: big sunglasses, smaller face. That's the magic of proportions, people. Of course, I don't believe in being overly into a trend, so I dressed up the whole cowboy scene with a slim blazer to keep it just the right amount of city. 

Shout out to my beautiful mom for taking these photos. Her instagram is blowin' up, FYI. 

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