Goodbye 2012

Oh 2012.  This year I learned that nothing can ever replace hard work, a sense of humor, positivity, and a deep breath to assess what you have every now and then. A sense of appreciation is one of the most important things in both my professional and personal life. It may seem strange to wax poetic about non-fashion things on a fashion blog at the end of the year, but without success and confidence in my life,  style is just not even on the radar. Having time and money to cultivate style is a a luxury. Doing it expensively with brand name things is even more of a luxury, if not unrealistic. I've been so proud to operate my blog with the notion that there is a woman with a nine-to-five job, with bills and life things, and an actual audience that agrees. You too tend to value the thought of family and friends more than acquiring the latest Isabel Marant fringed-whatever, and this inspires me daily. We're all trying to find a middle ground: we are all one in the pursuit of fashion in the real world, my friends. So let's carpe diem the hell out of 2013, yes? Maybe we exercise more, though, alright? Thank you for joining me this year, from the bottom of my heart, I loved every minute of it.

 Happy New Year.



  1. Happy 2013! I can't agree more with you on having gratitude as one of the most important virtues that one should acquire in life. May this year be even greater than before and thank you for being a source of inspiration! :)

    1. Such a sweet comment. Thank you so much :)