Livin' Large

 Photos by Nick Smith
Having a slight monochrome obsession lately. Anything grey or black in my closet has been in heavy rotation in different combinations. I'm also very into anything large and long lately, too.
Large: the grandpa sweater I got from the men's section at the Neiman Marcus for Target collection. Long: the knee-length coat I got in high school that I still wear today. Large: the oversized men's shirt, also from the men's section of H&M, acquired about five years ago.

 1   RAG & BONE for TARGET cardigan   2   J. CREW sweater     3   H&M shirt  4   ZARA pants   5    REPOSSI ring         KERRIE YEUNG earrings (c/o Kerrie Yeung)      


  1. omg i wanted that sweater! it's so cute!!

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