"When I make me so damn easy to love"

I guess I couldn't help posting a short photo set as a teaser for what is to come later this week. After all, it's Halloween this week right smack in the middle of the week. If I had to dress up I'd most likely be Beyonce in her "Why Don't you love me?" video. Why? Because it's so damn cool, retro, and apparently most of the clothes were her own. I'd have to practice that Bettie Page dance, though, because despite the easy enough nature of the gyrations, once you get yourself trying it in front of a mirror it looks pretty damn silly if there isn't 100% commitment to the un-sexy dance. 

Wearing: Juicy Couture sweater, Anthropologie headband, and not much else so far. Want a tip? Own a lint brush with this sweater.

Photos by Nick Smith

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