Extraordinary Machine

Consider this one part palette cleanser and one part confession.

I've been thinking that perhaps the daily musings of simplifying my wardrobe is just a symptom of a larger change in my life. A move back to fashion and personal style being more important in my life and less about "now, now, now" and "look what I have."

In the midst of political confusion leading up to next week and an overwhelming catastrophe on our hands, I'd like to think fashion responds. Mine does, at least. My daily style is a reflection of what I'm feeling, the mood I'm in, and how I'd like to present myself to the world. This week, the Northeast and the Caribbean were battered by Hurricane Sandy, taking lives, and leaving people still without power and access to public transportation. Gratefully, the consequences of such a disaster are thoughts I just simply haven't had to think about — despite living in earthquake-prone California. Fashion and style is a great distraction, yes, of course, but for me it's also a way to feel empowered and in control, a necessity in my personal and professional life.

Lately the complete saturation of it marketing to me, in Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and the coverage being so plain airhead sometimes, can make me (the reader) feel so silly in the midst of reality happening. It reminds me that the most important things in life are truly not found at the bottom of a shopping bag, and there is no substitute for family, friends, and learning how to be happy with what you've got. But it's not me that's the problem —I vacillate like any other fashion-loving woman between obsession and satiated, which is perfectly fine. We don't have the problem, it's fashion.

It makes me realize that I wish that fashion had a little more brains sometimes, that it was a little more in touch with reality. A little more heart. A soul. Like me, like people who read this blog — A+ to you! This mentality is not unique, I'm sure many people feel this way, and the thought of this makes me hopeful.

Images: Photo by Nick Smith, afterdrk, Luxirare, Topshop

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