Two Weeks of Nothing

Photos by Nick Smith

My second to last post about my barely-finished trip to Turks and Caicos (I'm saving the best one for last). The better part of two weeks were spent relaxing and enjoying the company of my long time love. and forgetting the hustle and stress of city life. No catching trains, remembering meetings, or even what time it was. I did absolutely nothing.

I ate, drank, read books, napped, enjoyed disconnecting from technology, and mentally re-prioritized my goals and wishes to include more quiet moments with special people. Even as I write this, I can feel that it puts more closure to a trip I am still unpacking for — the sad reality that coming back home means doing chores and laundry. Ugh. Lots of it. Also making it bittersweet is the sad fact that San Francisco refuses to show some sun during it's summer. I shouldn't pout, I know, this grayness is fairly typical Northern California summer behavior, which I am now calling an homage to the summer Olympics in London. But if you looked back at all the pretty pictures that represent perfect days far away from home you'd be a little blue as well.

So file this one under "lifestyle," I guess. Or list it under "things to do." Both of them would make me happy! Because although this isn't very fashion focused, it is about something more important than that;  investing time to see beautiful places with people you love.

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