Sweet Disposition

Cinco De Mayo was very mellow for me...in the day time at least. It consisted of sleeping in after what can only be described as a busy effing week to end all weeks. So when it came time for the weekend all bets were off. I slipped back into a super casual mode (slightly 80s? No. Slightly Balenciaga Fall 2012.). Track shorts? Yes. I put on Zara printed track shorts and a crewneck A.L.C sweater. Remember crewneck anything? They were the kind of sweaters you'd wear when you were 5 years old and you'd your mom layer them over turtlnecks, and they were emblazoned with some sort of elementary school logo. (Full disclosure: I may still have such a sweater, tucked away in a drawer for sentimental value). So I guess a retro crew neck was appropriate for Cinco de Mayo this weekend because all of my childhood memories of Cinco de Mayo consist of sustained silent reading (SSR), recess, and school-wide assemblies in the auditorium celebrating a Mexican dance in which I was performing.


  1. Beautiful pics- love the shorts (can't believe they are Zara really).

    Ironic how Cinco de Mayo is such a big deal in the US nowadays (we do not really acknowledge it in Mexico!)